Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Annoucing Our Blytic App for Andorid!

Today, we proudly announce our latest app for staying on top of the macroeconomic trends, the Blytic mobile app for Android.

The Blytic Android app enables you to easily keep track the most important trends shaping our economy as well as make predictions and participate in discussions on hundreds of different real-time economic data points.

Browse the economy!

With Blytic’s full-screen interactive charts, browsing economic data is fun, allowing you to dive right in and interact with a dynamic visualization using all the swiping, tapping and pinching gestures you expect from your mobile device.

Become a leading economic forecaster!

Blytic allows you to easily record your predictions about the future outcome of any data point, track the accuracy of your prior predictions as well as determine your overall accuracy for all your predictions.

If you wish to participate, the Blytic leaderboard will rank your overall accuracy against all other Blytic users.

Share your economic wisdom!

Each data point hosts an individual comment thread allowing you to easily participate in discussions of the latest trends or simply browse what others are saying.

Other features allow users to... manage favorites, download raw data and share chart images.

Available in Android Market

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