Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Annoucing Our Blytic App for Andorid!

Today, we proudly announce our latest app for staying on top of the macroeconomic trends, the Blytic mobile app for Android.

The Blytic Android app enables you to easily keep track the most important trends shaping our economy as well as make predictions and participate in discussions on hundreds of different real-time economic data points.

Browse the economy!

With Blytic’s full-screen interactive charts, browsing economic data is fun, allowing you to dive right in and interact with a dynamic visualization using all the swiping, tapping and pinching gestures you expect from your mobile device.

Become a leading economic forecaster!

Blytic allows you to easily record your predictions about the future outcome of any data point, track the accuracy of your prior predictions as well as determine your overall accuracy for all your predictions.

If you wish to participate, the Blytic leaderboard will rank your overall accuracy against all other Blytic users.

Share your economic wisdom!

Each data point hosts an individual comment thread allowing you to easily participate in discussions of the latest trends or simply browse what others are saying.

Other features allow users to... manage favorites, download raw data and share chart images.

Available in Android Market

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

IEIF Daily Property Indices for France, Europe and the Eurozone

Today’s addition to the lineup of innovative data hosted at Blytic is a catalog of daily property price indices for France and Europe.

The Institut de l'Epargne Immobilière et Foncière (IEIF) is a research firm that provides data and analysis related to property markets for France, Europe and Eurozone regions.

The methodology for formulating these series are not clear at the moment as we have yet to translate all the material provided by the IEIF but suffice it to say that these series appear to have captured quite a run-up and bust in prices due to the current economic crisis.

Be sure to compare and contrast the Continental Europe, Eurozone and France indices and notice that for France there are both “land” and general “real estate” series.

The full IEIF may be quite a bit larger (we are still vetting the data) than what we have access to today… be sure to check back for forthcoming additions.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Full OECD Leading Indicator Dataset Now Added

Please enjoy the full OECD leading indicator catalog including 325 indices of world leading indicators, industrial production, business confidence, consumer confidence.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Blytic is Re-Born!

It’s been eight long months but we are finally able to report that our latest version, and consequently the fullest implementation of our vision for financial analytics research and publishing, has been released.

Since our initial release last June, we have been working dutifully toward the goal of making the functionality that Blytic offers both clear and usable while adding and enhancing features for additional power.

Many thanks go to all of the users who shared their insights, feature requests and/or reported issues, we are now firmly on a path that leads to the full realization of this novel service.

For those who have not yet witnessed the latest release, let me suggest that you return soon as we have completely reorganized the site, adding categorization, user analysis streams, user dashboards for following data and analyses, download and upload data features as well as whole host of improvements to the dynamic charting.

In the coming months we will be regularly improving the service as well as dramatically expanding the size of the data-set so be sure to check back regularly.

Finally, I encourage all users to come and try their hand at crafting and publishing financial analytics, the access to the data has never been so easy and the platform is perfectly suited to circulate your analysis content via the web.

You’re a registered Blytic user, you now have your own analysis stream… use it!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

From the Silo: On The Pulse!

We have been in the silo a bit longer than we anticipated… But rest assured that we are working overtime to make the next release of the fullest expression of our concept and a baseline for years of releases to come.

But for today, take a look at this innovative and exciting new index that seeks to track the state of interstate commerce, in turn providing important insights into the state of the macro-economy, and in near real time.

Named the “Ceridian-UCLA Pulse of Commerce Index”, this series is compiled from real time diesel fuel payment transactions that are logged daily through Ceridian’s electronic card payment services for the transportation industry.

With this data, Ceridian can get a complete and near real time picture of “over the road” movement of goods along U.S. interstates, at cities, shipping ports, manufacturing centers and at border crossings with Canada and Mexico.

Ceridian believes that this index will serve as an important and timely indicator of the state of the economy closely matching the Federal Reserve’s industrial production series but released roughly a week in advance.

Monday, November 9, 2009

From the Silo: U.K. Property Prices

Still in the silo folks… the upcoming release of is on its way but for now linger over the two primary U.K. home prices indices.

Looks like quite a bounce this spring!

Obviously, it will take some time to discern the trend and to determine if the U.K. housing markets are reaching a durable period of stabilization.

Keep tracking these series through Blytic to stay on top of their every move.