Wednesday, February 10, 2010

From the Silo: On The Pulse!

We have been in the silo a bit longer than we anticipated… But rest assured that we are working overtime to make the next release of the fullest expression of our concept and a baseline for years of releases to come.

But for today, take a look at this innovative and exciting new index that seeks to track the state of interstate commerce, in turn providing important insights into the state of the macro-economy, and in near real time.

Named the “Ceridian-UCLA Pulse of Commerce Index”, this series is compiled from real time diesel fuel payment transactions that are logged daily through Ceridian’s electronic card payment services for the transportation industry.

With this data, Ceridian can get a complete and near real time picture of “over the road” movement of goods along U.S. interstates, at cities, shipping ports, manufacturing centers and at border crossings with Canada and Mexico.

Ceridian believes that this index will serve as an important and timely indicator of the state of the economy closely matching the Federal Reserve’s industrial production series but released roughly a week in advance.

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