Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Blytic is Re-Born!

It’s been eight long months but we are finally able to report that our latest version, and consequently the fullest implementation of our vision for financial analytics research and publishing, has been released.

Since our initial release last June, we have been working dutifully toward the goal of making the functionality that Blytic offers both clear and usable while adding and enhancing features for additional power.

Many thanks go to all of the users who shared their insights, feature requests and/or reported issues, we are now firmly on a path that leads to the full realization of this novel service.

For those who have not yet witnessed the latest release, let me suggest that you return soon as we have completely reorganized the site, adding categorization, user analysis streams, user dashboards for following data and analyses, download and upload data features as well as whole host of improvements to the dynamic charting.

In the coming months we will be regularly improving the service as well as dramatically expanding the size of the data-set so be sure to check back regularly.

Finally, I encourage all users to come and try their hand at crafting and publishing financial analytics, the access to the data has never been so easy and the platform is perfectly suited to circulate your analysis content via the web.

You’re a registered Blytic user, you now have your own analysis stream… use it!

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