Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Blytic Is Born!

Oh! happy day… finally… we’re live!

Welcome to Blytic.com, a new internet app that offers a unique twist on data analysis, visualization and publishing.

First though, the name… Web + Analytic… or better even still… Web + Lytic = Blytic.

So, conceptually a Blytic is a single unit of analysis (UOA) that anyone can author and then share on the Web with everyone else.

Blytics can be as simple a single data series with no analysis… just a chart… or alternatively, you can mix in a multitude of data and even provide regular analysis, updating the analyst comments with each new release of the underlying data covered in the Blytic.

For example, if you were very interested in home price trends you could author a Blytic that covers the S&P/Case-Shiller (CSI) data release which could incorporate any of the CSI series data as well as your analysis of the data.

After you are done creating your Blytic, you can publish it allowing others to view and comment on your analysis.

Once published, your Blytic will show up on the Blytic.com website in various forms BUT you also have several options for publishing your Blytic to your own website be it a blog, traditional media site or otherwise.

You can either link to the Blytic itself, link to one of several static images of the Blytic (Large, Medium, Small or Icon) OR you can embed the Blytic Player into any website or blog just like you would a video clip.

Your readers can activate the player within the context of your article, post or wiki and interact with your Blytic through the player’s rich interface.

Finally, every month when the latest S&P/Case-Shiller data has been released, Blytic.com will automatically update the data from the release and you can then provide an update of your analysis.

Sounds like fun?!Give it a try and stay tuned to this blog for all the latest news on enhancements and new features as well as posts covering existing features and other notable events.

To start things off, take a look at the following Blytic convering the Washington DC housing market.

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