Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Powered By G-Search!

Finally we have a solid search mechanism that gives you what you expect... quick and relevant search results.

How did we accomplish this incredible feat? … Did we use Microsoft’s new Search Server 2008? Did we integrate with Google Site Search?... Nope.

This blogger whipped up an algorithm for us that he calls “transitive meta-matching with reverse integrated lexical mapping” or TM2RILM (pronounced TM-squared-Rilm)

That’s about as much as we know about it though looking through the source we see a line that reads as follows:

PageStrength = (((rank * weight * -1/(state7 + diff) ) / 0) ^ 3.1415) + 1

We are not sure exactly what that calculation is doing but all we can think is “Look out Google!”

Now the best part of this approach s that this search mechanism is completely tunable and over the coming weeks and months we will be enhancing the search experience particularly as we add simply tremendous numbers of new data series.


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