Monday, June 15, 2009

Radar for Housing!

The folks over at Radar Logic have graciously consented to allowing to re-publish their public housing data series and for that, we are grateful.

Radar Logic produces 35 home price indices that are calculated and published daily effectively creating the country’s only daily spot market for residential real estate.

Having followed these indices for some time we can tell you that they are not only accurate but they reflect with great precision and clarity the effect seasonality has on residential home pricing as well as the subtle variations in seasonality from region to region.

Currently, our filter is importing only the 25-MSA Composite index but in short order we will have the entire dataset (roughly 30 regions with 3 daily aggregates per region or roughly 90 indices) available so be sure to check back soon for some radar over your own housing market!

Below, check out the 25-MSA Composite showing all three aggragate series (1, 7 1nd 28 days) along with the year-over-year change.

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